• New Client Visit - $130 (up to 2 hrs.)
  • 60 min. Session - $80
  • Check, PayPal, and Cash Payments Accepted
  • Sliding scale available for qualifying clients
  • Emails are accepted between sessions free of charge, should you have questions or concerns.
  • There will be a charge of $25 for cancellations with less than a 24hr notice prior to the established appointment.


The following assessments are offered:

  • PTSI-R - $35 (Post Traumatic Stress Inventory-Revised)

  • PSS - $25 (Partner Sexuality Survey)

  • IPAST - $65 (Inventory for Partner Stress and Trauma)

  • MAWASI - $45 (Money And Work Adaptive Styles Index)

  • SDI 4.0 - $85 (Sexual Dependency Inventory)


coming soon!



Getting to the center of the issue in the most efficient way is the goal, while still managing the ripple effects of that issue. But it is getting to the main cause that will in turn create a positive ripple effect that tends to make those glaring surface issues lessen or disappear all together.


Often assessments can save money by gathering bulks of information that would potentially take several sessions to attain.


Next Steps...

The first step can be the toughest...but the sooner you stop something that is not working the sooner you can start something that can!