Health & Healing for All Parts of Our Being

SPIRIT - Our spirit is essentially the heart of who we are. Our deepest meaning, passions, and desires can be found here.

SOUL - Our soul includes our mind, will, and emotions. Meaning how we think, how we feel, and what we choose. All too often our emotions dictate our lives. Working on a creating balance between our logical side and our emotional side can contribute to good mental health.

BODY - Our body is the physical part of our being and although it does not have to lead our lives, it is nonetheless relevant in contributing to our mental health.

"Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed, it means the damage no longer controls our lives"

Meet Elisha

I work with a variety of clients to help them improve their relationships and quality of life. I work with general issues and specialize in intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship issues, sex addiction, partners of infidelity, and trauma resolution. Betrayal of any kind can be very traumatizing. Having been a partner of a sex addict, I can relate to the pain and damage associated with finding out that what you believed about your life is no longer your reality. I understand being left with a million questions and not knowing how to start to put your life back together. It is truly my heart to see people experience the freedom, hope, and healing that I know is possible! Through my education and specialized training, along with both professional and personal experience, it is my passion to see people not just survive, but thrive!

Elisha Klaiber

LPCA, CSAT-C, ART Provider

It is my belief that clients have a right to know what I believe and value therefore I state it here.  I believe we are always changing, whether that is for the better or worse depends on us. It is never my intention to impose my values or beliefs onto clients during sessions. I work within the context and relevance of the individual client's culture, beliefs, and their personal experiences. I have respect for every individual regardless of religion, cultural background, gender, or sexuality. We are all human...flawed and beautiful at the same time.

I believe that to truly be healthy we should address all aspects of our being and how they intertwine, this includes spirit, soul, and body - Spirituality being a component of human beings regardless of having a religious belief. Religion and spirituality are different! Our spirituality is what gives us energy, drive, passions and focus in life. Religion refers to specific belief systems and theology.

I am a Christian who feels counseling and helping others is one of my purposes in life. I believe having good character, getting in the trenches with people, being transparent, being aware of my own flaws and humanity, loving people unconditionally, respecting other's values and observing professional ethics and standards are necessary for me to be congruent with my faith. I believe in health and healing for all parts of our being.

Next Steps...

The first step can be the toughest...but the sooner you stop something that is not working the sooner you can start something that can!